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New Home Sales Market Report 2019

What I gather is that new  home sale prices are flattening out and other builders like KB Homes are actually down about 1% in average selling price over a one year period. The pause in the market from July 2018 to December 2018 was based on a disconnect between what sellers felt they were worth & what buyers were willing to pay for them. Since that time, interest rates have actually come down a bit and if they can stay there it looks as though the market will keep staying afloat since there is still low inventory. I also suspect new home builders and existing homes sellers will be willing to offer more incentives in 2019 in the form of closing costs and upgrades. As a sidenote, when you purchase a new home you can negotiate the price by having a realtor with you on your first appointment. It can greatly improve your negotiations with price, closing costs, and upgrades. Remember, the builder is a “seller” and having buyer representation is just as important as ever!

Here is what Market Watch shared about Lennar - Go to Article

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